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About Shanti Freediving


Shanti Freediving is the AIDA International certified freediving school, initially started  in Dahab, Egypt and moved to Okinawa, Japan in 202.

We welcome all levels, from KIDS to 80's,  from the beginners who is not confident in the water up to already freedivers who aiming to be a professionals.        b

want to expand their ability and explore deeper inside themselves. 

Courses are available in :

English/ Arabic / Korean

Currently we don't have a physical shop yet.
If you want to talk about the courses, please feel free to call us!



Instructor : Shanti  (Mohamed Ahmed)

Shanti started diving since little.

He started his career as scuba diving Instructor 2008 in Dhabi Egypt, and change to freediving Instructor in 2013.

 " I'm very pleased to meet people from all over the world and happy to share the joy of freediving.

I love under water life more than on the land!

I will do my best to support you to be confident enough in the water, also support with the good safety and proper freediving techniques."

Customer Service : Kazumi 

Kazumi started swimming when she is 3 years. 

Love Dolphins, Sea, Yoga, Meditations, Kids

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