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Freediving Experience / FUN DIVE 1day for all levels) 


Departing from Chatan

*for the transportation please refer below



Diving Point

- Consulting & Filling forms

- Briefing & Refreshing knowledge about freediving

- Breating & Freediving Strech & Meditation

[Freediving Skills] 

Breath Hold 息どめ

Finning Technique フィンワーク

Duck Dive/ダックダイブ

Depth Training 深度トレーニング

Lunch Break (昼食)

Fun Dive or Depth Training * ファンダイビング または 深度トレーニング

until 3-4pm

Price (価格) : ¥22,000.-/person

Include: 含まれるもの

- Freediving equipment rental.  フリーダイビング器材レンタル

 ・WetSuits  ウェットスーツ

 ・Freediving fins フリーダイビングフィン

 ・Weight & Weight Belt ウェイト&ウェイトベルト

- Photos and Videos recording you while fun dive with Gopro11 

Not include: 含まれないもの

- Lunch


Donation transport from Chatan to the destination.

Pick up/Drop off in other area can be discussed with extra fee

*We are flexible about the contents of the day depending on your skills and preferences.

Feel free to share your desire with us!

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