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Training Schedule Update May/June 2024

Hello everyone! Here is the schedule update of May and June.

Available spots

///AIDA course starts //

●12 May [Sun] ... 2spots

●19 June [Wed].. 3spots

////Sea Training////

●13 May [Mon].. 2spots

●15 May [Wed].. 2spots

●20 June [Thu].. 2spots

●22 June [Sat].. 3spots

●24 June [Mon].. 3spots

●25 June [Tue].. 2spots

●25 June [Thu].. 2spots

////FUN DIVE////

●26 May [Sun].. 2spots

The season has started in Okinawa.

Comfortable water temperature 23-24degree.

If you wanna join , Sign up now!

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