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The AIDA4 Master Freediver Course is the highest level of training attainable within the scope of recreational freediving. Students will be also familiarized with techniques, knowledge and safety procedures for deep freediving that goes beyond recreational freediving, such as FRC diving, mouth-fill equalization and packing.  Besides the in-water skills, the students will be introduced to full body warm-ups and stretching, specific stretching of breathing muscles, training concepts and diet that will benefit their freediving development. Also, an introduction to packing and reverse packing mainly within vital capacity is part of this course. Another purpose of this course is to prepare successful candidates for the role as ‟assistant Instructors”.

This includes:

• Leading an appropriate warm-up session for confined and open water freediving

• Supervising students of all course levels during their confined or open water sessions, Whilst being supervised by an Instructor.

• Independently setting up and managing open water equipment: use of appropriate knots and braiding technique, setting the depth on the dive line, safe handling of other additional equipment (bottom plate, torches, lanyards, etc.).


To enroll in the AIDA4 Master Freediver Course,

an individual must:

• Be 18 years of age or older (16 years with parent or guardian consent)

• Have completed the AIDA3 Advanced Freediver Course Or have completed the AIDA3 Crossover Evaluation if crossing over from another freedive agency or having other adequate freediving experience

• Have completed the AIDA Medical Form

• Have completed the Liability Release

• Have completed a course in First Aid with CPR within the last two years


The intent of this part of the course is performing a Dynamic Apnea training session. It also includes refreshing the existing rescue skills of the student. The sessions should be conducted in a swimming pool or confined water. All skills below have to be included in the course, but the AIDA Instructor can alter the program. The student freedivers should have access to either a floatation device or the side of the pool to support them at the end of every breath-hold. Confined Water Sessions (minimum 2) After these sessions the student freediver will be able to:

• Perform and lead an appropriate warm-up

• Coach a buddy through a static session, including verbal guiding

• Demonstrate the appropriate rescue technique for a freediver experiencing a loss of motor control or blackout during Static Apnea

• Perform a static breath-hold of at least 3 minutes 30 seconds safely with a training buddy

• Perform a dynamic training session that the student has constructed. Including for example: stretching, apnea swimming, technique training, dynamic CO2 tables with or without fins, swimming to release lactic acid

• Set the right buoyancy considering the different factors that will affect the performance: wetsuit, water salinity

• Perform a dynamic swim of at least 70m in demonstration-level technique

• Act as a safety diver for a buddy performing a maximum dynamic

• Demonstrate the appropriate rescue technique for a freediver experiencing a loss of motor control or blackout during Dynamic Apnea including exting freediver from the pool using a two man lift.


The maximum depth of the freedives should be limited to 38m by setting the length of the line at the maximum depth.

The open water training component of this course includes 4 sessions. All skills below have to be included in the course. Open Water Sessions (minimum 4)

After this open water session, the student freediver will be able to:

• Exercise leading a warm-up / stretching session appropriate for open water freediving

• Exercise preparation of the set-up necessary for an open water session: handling bottom-weights and ropes, tie safe knots, set precise depths

• Understand the mechanism of FRC dives and practice them

• Understand the mechanism of the Mouth-fill technique and practice it together with

• FRC dives

• Remove one fin at the depth of 20m and swim back with only one fin using an appropriate finning technique

• Perform gentle full-lung stretches (no packing) and RV stretches as preparation for the dive session (max. 3 reverse packs below RV)

• Prepare the set-up necessary for an OW dive session

• Continue practicing the Mouth-fill technique in combination with FRC dives

• Rescue a blacked out freediver from 20m
• Ascend from 20m with no mask (with the mask around the neck)

• Perform a total of four VWT dive in a safe manner to a maximum of 38m depth

• Perform a dive with a Mouth-fill performed at a depth of around 20m

• Prepare independently the set-up necessary for an OW dive session

• Plan an open water session with FRC dives as part of the warm-up, followed by a target dive

• Perform safely Constant Weight dives to a depth of at least 32m (28m in water temperatures lower than 12℃ at a depth of 10m and below) and maximum 38m while respecting buddy procedures. Mouth-fill technique should be used.

• Rescue a BO freediver from 15m using only one bi-fin as propulsion.

• Tow an unconscious freediver at the surface to shore/boat over a distance ofminimum 50m whilst performing rescue breaths.

Duration: 5days

Price : 92,000yen

The fee includes:

- AIDA International Certification fee

​- 5days full-day training (10am to 4-5pm)   (incl: Theory , breathing session, stretch, water training)

- Safety & Rescue with professional standard

Freediving Equipment Rental

- Swimming pool facility charge
- Photos & Videos recording during training by Gopro11

The fee dose not include:

- Transportation

- Lunch

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