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I’m new to freedive and not confident in the water. Which course should I take?

Many of our customers started with no prior experience. You can start with AIDA1 or join our FUN DIVE.

Please feel free to share any concerns you may have.


How can I book?

Please review the schedule;  if there are available courses suit your schedule, you can simply book from the booking form.

If not, kindly inform us of your preferred date, and we will arrange a session for you accordingly.​_

Once the booking is done by complete the payment, we will send you the manuals to study before the course.

Booking and Cancellation policy 


Where is the diving location?

Sea session: → Click here

Swimming Pool session: Click here 


Do you provide accommodations?

Currently, we do not have accommodations to offer. There are various options available starting from around ¥3000 per day; please arrange your stay independently. 


I struggle with equalization. Is there any advice?

There are many things you can try for better equalizations.

-  Physical preparation

- Mental preparation

- Underwater Techniques

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