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Preparing physical condition for good equalization

Updated: Mar 5

Equalization is one of the main factors with which many students struggle.

There are many approaches to fixing equalization problems from physical, mental, and technical perspectives.

Today, I'm going to write about some tips how to prepare physically for equalization. This is an important step for succeeding in equalization.

Clear your nose and sinuses: No blocked or mucus. what you can try:

- Rinse and clear your nose with warm saltwater.

- Keep yourself warm (hot ginger drink works well)

- Avoid alcohol, smokes and too much milk product.

-Consider traditional Chinese medicine available at pharmacies, which can be effective for nasal issues.


2. Warming-up items

There are some items to warm up.

  1. Ginger / Chilli

  2. カイロ Heat Pad : Kairo Selling at convenience stores from one piece in winter time. "Hokkairo" is a disposable heating pad widely used in Japan. It typically consists of iron powder, salt, activated carbon. It might help you during cold weather or for warmth in various situations to soothe muscle tension.

3. Relax your musles

Massage your face.

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