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What you learn in the course [Discipline]

There are 3 important disciplines of freediving we go through during the course.

//// 1. Static apnea (STA) ////

Holding breath for as long as possible while floating on the surface of the water.

The goal of STA training is to train your mind & body to stay relaxed during breath-holds, you will learn how to save oxygen.

//// 2. Dynamic (DYN) ////

Swimming under water in a horizontal direction with a single breath.

This is good way to practice finning, breath holding and mental control.

You are going to be more confident & getting ready for the sea training.

//// 3. Depth////

Probably the most common image of Freediving.

There are many disciplines to go down depth.

You will learn some techniques during the course.

- Static and Dynamic will be done in swimming pool.

- Depth training will be in Chatan, Onna-son, Nago depending on the weather and sea condition.

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