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Okinawa Mainland

Feb 2024 

until early April

What we offer


Swimming with Wild Whales!!!


Safety with International Standard


Meeting from the boat


Picture & Videos with Gopro11

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  1. Encounter Underwater (Whale Swim)

Participants must have at least one of the license below.

- Diving license

- Free diving certification





Departing from Onna-son (恩納村)




07:00 – Meeting at Maeda Port (Onna son) and preparation 

07:30 - Departure from the port start exploring whales

12:00 - Return to the port

*Schedule may be subject to change depending on sea conditions and the status of the boat.

  1. When we encounter whales suitable for underwater observation, we start snorkel preparations and, with the guide's signal, quietly enter the sea to observe the whales.

  2. Everyone can enjoy the whales up close by maintaining a still distance to the whales, without finning

  3. No diving / No Disturbing  

【How to swim】



it's essential to note that meeting them underwater isn't always guaranteed. As we're dealing with nature, factors beyond our control can influence these encounters.

However, we believe that the opportunity to meet and learn about these magnificent and powerful creatures can add significant value to your life. Witnessing the beauty of humpback whales in this special period can be a truly enriching and unforgettable experience!




Encounter Underwater ¥25,000 (incl tax) /person

What is include:

-       Boat Fee

-       Safety & Rescue team with International freediving standard.

-       Diving Insurance (DIVE ASSIST)

-       Photos and Videos by Gopro11

-       Equipment 


What is not include:

-       Transportation




We also take a booking upon customer's request.




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