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Freediving points in Okinawa mainland

Updated: Mar 7

The weather in Okinawa is known to be changeable, and sea conditions can vary depending on the time.

We usually dive in locations such as Chatan, Onna-son, Nago, etc.,

Normally the specific dive location will be decided the day before the scheduled dive.

If you come to Chatan, we will take you to the diving location.

Hotel pickup/drop off from the other area,

also possible with extra fee.

(ex. from Naha ¥2000/one way)

Travel time with Car

From Naha airport to Chatan →40min

Chatan to Onna-son →30min

Chatan to Nago →1hour

*The time may vary depending on the time of day and traffics. The numbers provided are only for reference.

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